IODP provides pdf, jpg, and eps maps of drilled sites from all scientific ocean drilling programs through the JOIDES Resolution Science Operator. To add and visualize data in Google Earth, IODP also maintains the following kml files:

  • The Drilled Holes file shows the location of all holes drilled during the scientific ocean drilling programs. Clicking a borehole location in Google Earth provides links to the related expedition publications. This file was last updated with available data in March 2021.
  • The Scheduled Expeditions file reflects decisions as of March 2021 and shows the location of all proposed sites for planned expeditions. The data is collected from the expedition’s Scientific Prospectus or, if the Scientific Prospectus was not available, the drilling proposal. Clicking on a site location in Google Earth reveals the expedition name, site name and coordinates, planned expedition dates, original proposal number, platform, co-chiefs, and a link to the expedition website. Once the Preliminary Report for the expedition is published, the expedition is moved to the Drilled Holes file.
  • The Proposed Sites file shows the location of all sites in Active Proposals under review or awaiting scheduling as of March 2021. Sites from declined proposals are not included. Clicking on a site location in Google Earth reveals the proposal name, site name and coordinates, lead proponent, review stage, and proposed platform. Sites from revisions, updates, and addenda might not be included.




Other Drill Site Maps for all IODP programs are periodically maintained and available from the JOIDES Resolution Science Operator.