The IODP Science Evaluation Panel (SEP) is an advisory body of the JOIDES Resolution Facility Board (JRFB) composed of volunteer domain experts from IODP member countries. SEP primarily reviews proposals to use the IODP drilling platforms but can advise on other scientific topics.  The ECORD Facility Board and Chikyu IODP Board also currently use SEP as an advisory body to review scientific drilling proposals. The panel size is determined by scientific need and its composition is outlined in Memoranda of Understanding between contributing nations and the JR Platform Provider. Those interested in serving on SEP should contact their Program Member Offices.

SEP's work is organized by the panel Co-Chairs who are nominated by the membership and approved by the JRFB. Aided by the IODP Science Support Office, SEP meets in January and June to consider IODP proposals submitted to the April and October deadlines and conducts inter-sessional work via email. SEP follows the proposal review process described in the IODP Proposal Submission Guidelines, IODP LEAPs Proposal Submission Guidelines, and the IODP Standard Confidentiality Policy. Once SEP decides to forward a proposal, its future path toward possible implementation is determined by the Facility Board.