General Announcements:

  • The National Academies of Sciences DSOS committee has released their interim report "Progress and Priorities in Ocean Drilling: In Search of Earth's Past and Future." Download the report.
  • Ocean Drilling Legacy Assets Projects (LEAPs) are a new type of project for international and interdisciplinary collaborations under the umbrella of the scientific ocean drilling programs. Learn more about LEAPs.
  • ECORD and Japan have started to build a post-2024 program that will be open to the international scientific community. They anticipate that it will begin immediately after the conclusion of IODP. Read the full announcement.
  • NSF has chosen not to renew the cooperative agreement with Texas A&M University for the JOIDES Resolution to focus efforts and funds towards the sustainable evolution of the ocean science drilling community. Read the full announcement
  • IODP has been endorsed as part of the first set of Decade Actions of the UN Decade of Ocean Science. Learn more about participating in the NSF & the Ocean Decade: A Resource for Researchers guide.

Meeting Outcomes:

New IODP Reports and Publications: