General Announcements:

  • JAMSTEC is moving one of the Chikyu data webpages (sio7) to a new server. Data may be temporarily inaccessible during this process. Please send any important individual requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • The National Academies of Sciences DSOS committee has released their interim report "Progress and Priorities in Ocean Drilling: In Search of Earth's Past and Future." Download the report.
  • Ocean Drilling Legacy Assets Projects (LEAPs) are a new type of project for international and interdisciplinary collaborations under the umbrella of the scientific ocean drilling programs. Learn more about LEAPs.
  • ECORD and Japan have started to build a post-2024 program that will be open to the international scientific community. They anticipate that it will begin immediately after the conclusion of IODP. Read the full announcement.
  • NSF has chosen not to renew the cooperative agreement with Texas A&M University for the JOIDES Resolution to focus efforts and funds towards the sustainable evolution of the ocean science drilling community. Read the full announcement
  • IODP has been endorsed as part of the first set of Decade Actions of the UN Decade of Ocean Science. Learn more about participating in the NSF & the Ocean Decade: A Resource for Researchers guide.

Meeting Outcomes:

New IODP Reports and Publications: