• Expedition 349 - Placing whole-round cores in the core rack (photo courtesy of JRSO; CC0/PDM)
  • Expedition 353 - Bringing the last core of the expedition onto the catwalk (photo courtesy of JRSO; CC0/PDM)
  • Expedition 351 - Lowering the vibration-isolated television (VIT) system into the moonpool (photo courtesy of JRSO; CC0/PDM)
  • The JOIDES Resolution in port in Yokohama, Japan (photo courtesy of JRSO; CC0/PDM)
  • Expedition 352—Samples selected for postexpedition research (photo courtesy of JRSO; CC0/PDM)
  • Examining rock samples at the IODP Bremen Core Repository, Germany (photo by V. Diekamp, CC BY-NC-ND)
  • D/V Chikyu (photo courtesy of JAMSTEC; CC BY-NC 4.0)
  • Exp 357 offshore science party (photo by Y. Morono, CC/BY-SA)

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Expedition Videos

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Bore Hole Monitoring System

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Fault Trace Part 3

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SAFARI Episode 4

Expedition 361:
SAFARI Episode 3