ANZIC seeks a Program Scientist / earth scientist to manage ANZIC participation in IODP, taking over Neville Exon's present position. Their position is open to international applicants. 

See the Australia - New Zealand IODP Consortium 2016 Annual Report (with expedition summaries by ANZIC participants and much more).

Keep Digging: A BBC radio story featuring Expedition 360 co-chiefs Henry Dick & Chris MacLeod and colleagues on the quest to sample Earth's mantle (featuring Walter Munk).

WATCH and share the new outreach video The Whirling Waters of Antarctica: IODP scientist, Dr. Peter Bijl (Utrecht University), works to reconstruct the history of the Antarctic circumpolar current during the warm Eocene period.

Apply to sail for Exp 380 aboard Chikyu by April 28.

AGU Members - Propose to convene a Joint IODP-ICDP-related session for one of three overarching themes at the AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans, LA - December 11-15, 2017. The deadline is April 19, 2017.

Attending EGU? The Joint IODP-ICDP Town Hall Meeting is Tuesday April 25 (19:00-20:00) in Room G2, and Session SSP 1.3, Achievements and Perspectives in Scientific Ocean and Continental Drilling, is Thursday April 27 (talks 13:30-17:00, posters 17:30-19:00).

Apply for the ECORD Summer School 2017: Current Controlled Sea Floor Archives: Coral Mounds and Contourites - August 28 - September 1, 2017. Application deadline is May 5, 2017.

Don't miss the special session at JpGU! Union Session U-03 - Discoveries from Subseafloor Sampling and Monitoring using Scientific Ocean Drilling is Monday, May 22, 2017 (9:00-12:15) in Room IC.

A new white paper on Seagoing Seismic Imaging and Scientific Ocean Drilling based on discussions in the IODP Forum is available.

Read NSF's Dear Colleague Letter on how the JR's Advanced Piston Coring capability will be made available to the U.S. community outside of IODP.

Science Community volunteers sought for JRSO Laboratory Working Groups.

Travel support is available for U.S.-affiliated students and researchers for Petrophysics Summer School 2017 sponsored by the European Petrophysics Consortium. Application deadline extended to March 17.

Take the JR Community Survey! Read this important announcement about planning for the future of the JOIDES Resolution and take the survey by March 31. We hope to hear from all who have, or plan to, sail on the JR or used data acquired during her expeditions. 

Apply to Sail for IODP Expedition 376 Brothers Arc Flux by April 1. 

Nominate an IODP Scientist for the GSA Stephen E. Laubach Structural Diagenesis Research Award. The nomination deadline is April 1, 2017

Incoming CAB members: The IODP Facility Boards have approved the appointments of Beth Christensen and Richard Arculus to the Curatorial Advisory Board.

Expedition 373 (Antarctic Cenozoic Paleoclimate) has been postponed.

New Scientific Drilling:  Scientific Drilling volume 21 is now available!

 New SEP Co-Chair selected: The JOIDES Resolution Facility Board has named University of Texas geophysicist Sean Gulick as the next co-chair of the Science Evaluation Panel. Sean will replace outgoing co-chair Dave Mallinson effective October 1.  

Exp 354 publication: IODP Proceedings vol 354 (Bengal Fan) is now published. 

Exp 365 video: The final installment of Exploring the Fault Trace is now on YouTube, including connecting the Long-Term Borehole Monitoring System to the DONET cabled seafloor network. 

New JRFB science members selected: Wolfgang Bach (University of Bremen) and Liping Zhou (Peking University) will join the JR Facility Board beginning October 1