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About IODP, the International Ocean Discovery Program

Past, current and planned IODP expeditions

Information about submitting IODP proposals, and the proposal process

IODP-related resources

Expedition Videos

  • Sailing with IODP: Shipboard Sedimentology
  • IODP: Open Data for Global Research
  • IODP: A Guide to Smear Slides
  • The Adventure Begins: Expedition 371 Tasman Sea Frontier
  • High above the JOIDES Resolution - Expedition 371
  • Exploring Zealandia - Expedition 371
  • Drilling 101 - Expedition 371 Tasman Sea Frontier
  • Science on the Vessel - Expedition 368
  • Professor Jian Lin Petrophysics Specialist Exp 368
  • Sara Satolli Paleomagnetist - Expedition 368

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