Program Member Offices


Program Member Offices (PMOs) support IODP scientists in their respective regions. The PMOs nominate scientists for IODP expeditions and to serve on IODP science panels and committees. They recruit new scientists to IODP by promoting scientific results and increasing awareness about IODP research opportunities. Some ECORD members operate national IODP offices to raise visibility of scientific ocean drilling activities on a local level. PMOs provide funds for scientists who participate in IODP drilling and post-drilling activities, and for development of concepts for future ocean drilling expeditions.

altJapan: J-DESC (Japan Drilling Earth Science Consortium)

altUSA: USSSP (U.S. Science Support Program)

altEurope and Canada: ESSAC (ECORD Science Support & Advisory Committee)

altPeople's Republic of China: IODP-China

altSouth Korea: K-IODP (Korea Integrated Ocean Drilling Program)

altAustralia and New Zealand - ANZIC (Australia-New Zealand IODP Consortium) 

altIndia: IODP-India

altBrazil: IODP-CAPES-Brazil