Scientific Publications


The IODP Publications page ( includes links to:

  • Scientific prospectus
  • Preliminary reports
  • Proceedings

for each Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (2003-2013) and International Ocean Discovery Program (2013-2023) expedition.

The IODP Publications page also contains links to:

as well as a downloadable copy of the Statement on IODP Publications and Reports.

Scientific Drilling is an open-access multi-disciplinary program journal delivering peer-reviewed reports on science, technology, and engineering from ocean, continental, lake and ice drilling scientific research projects.It is designed to enhance communication between and among IODP, the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program, and other scientific drilling communities.

The IODP Digital Reference for Smear Slide Analysis of Marine Mud. Part 1: Methodology and Atlas of Siliciclastic and Volcanogenic Components (IODP Technical Note 1) is available in a variety of formats at the IODP TECHNICAL NOTES site.

ODP legacy information is available at the ODP Legacy site, and a database of publication citation records related to the Deep Sea Drilling Project, Ocean Drilling Program, and Integrated Ocean Drilling Program is available at the Ocean Drilling Citation Database.

Finally, the SELECTED PUBLICATIONS page contains a list of representative articles appearing in the journals Science, Nature, and Nature Geoscience based on scientific ocean drilling program expeditions beginning in 2003.