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Scientific Drilling is an open-access multi-disciplinary program journal delivering peer-reviewed reports on science, technology, and engineering from ocean, continental, lake and ice drilling scientific research projects.

Scientific Drilling is designed to enhance communication between and among IODP, the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program, and other scientific drilling communities. Contributions are welcomed on any aspect of scientific drilling, including IODP expeditions, borehole instruments, observatories, and monitoring experiments. Scientific Drilling is published by Copernicus GmbH (Copernicus Publications) on behalf of the German Research Center for Geosciences (GFZ). 

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Table of Contents of Past Issues published by IODP (2005-2013):

Scientific Drilling (pdf version): Issues 1-15 published by IODP (2005-2013)

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Crews and Drill Bit (JFAST)
Crews and Drill Bit (JFAST)
Ocean Hall  (Smithsonian Museum 2)
Ocean Hall (Smithsonian Museum 2)