Panel Changes effective October 1, 2016

(Sept 28, 2016) - The Science Evaluation Panel welcomes several new members to terms beginning October 1, 2016. Panelists generally serve three-year terms.

Incoming members are Susan deBari (Western Washington University), Hajime Naruse (Kyoto University), Yusuke Okazaki (Kyushu University), Natascha Reidinger (Oklahoma State University), Marta Torres (Oregon State University), and Jim Wright (Rutgers University). Three new members are expected to be named by China and South Korea soon. 

The new members replace retiring panelists Jang Jun Bahk, Eric Ferre, Steve Hovan, Minoru Ikehara, Satoko Ishimaru, Kathie Marsaglia, Yuki Morono, Brian Romans, Weidong Sun, Jason Sylvan, Sebastian Krastel, Robert Pockalny, and Zhen Sun. 

Additionally, Sean Gulick from the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics will become co-chair (with Ken Miller) of the Science Evaluation Panel, replacing Dave Mallinson who has been in the role since the beginning of the new program. Gulick was recently co-chief scientist on IODP Expedition 364 to the Chicxulub Impact Crater.