IODP-MI Reference Page


IODP Management International, Inc. (IODP-MI) is a nonprofit, U.S. corporation with an international membership of academic institutions committed to scientific ocean drilling research. IODP-MI served as the central management organization for the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program during US Fiscal Years 2004-2013, receiving advice from the Science Advisory Structure, and working in consultation with vessel/platform operators referred to as "Implementing Organizations" or IOs. IODP-MI's job was to translate the scientific priorities of the international scientific ocean drilling community into annual program plans. IODP-MI submitted the annual IODP Program Plan for review and approval first to the executive committee of the SAS, called the Science Implemetation and Policy Committee (SIPCOM), then to the IODP-MI Board of Governors (BoG), and finally to the Lead Agencies who gave final budget approval.

maintained offices in Washington, D.C., USA, and Tokyo, Japan, and was responsible for program-wide science planning, and oversight of engineering development, publications, education and outreach, site survey data management, and core sample repositories. IODP-MI also provided continuous performance evaluation and assessment of all elements of IODP.

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