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(IODP Engineering Development proposal submission closed in April 2011) 

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IODP-MI is committed to dramatically improving the technological capabilities of the scientific ocean drilling program, through hardware, software, techniques and processes. IODP technology development must be innovative and may be daring, while utilizing time proven engineering practices to ensure success. Technology initiatives must be part of the full spectrum of scientific challenges detailed by the scientific drilling community, yet not limited to solutions currently residing in the ocean and earth sciences. IODP-MI will facilitate the acquisition of existing or latent technology through all possible avenues for the collection of requisite earth science data to further our understanding of earth and its complex systems.
key_technologies_image.png Interactive representation of the three platforms utilized by the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program. Here you will find links to many of the technologies vital to IODP operations. 
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        proposal   (Closed in FY2011)
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Crews and Drill Bit (JFAST)
Crews and Drill Bit (JFAST)
Poster session (INVEST)
Poster session (INVEST)
Making up LWD Tools (JFAST)
Making up LWD Tools (JFAST)