Seven IODP expeditions were completed in 2016, with roughly 200 scientists from 23 countries involved as members of the science parties making new discoveries about the Earth. These expeditions, carried out by the JR Science Operator, the ECORD Science Operator, and JAMSTEC/CDEX, will provide samples and data for many more researchers for years to come.

We anticipate that at least six IODP expeditions will be completed in 2017.  

The year ends with 92 drilling proposals active in our review system, 44 waiting for scheduling decisions at Facility Boards and 48 at the science Evaluation Panel. 1100 unique researchers from 41 countries are represented in the proponent pool.  

It has been our honor and our pleasure to support your science during the past year. Our thoughts are with those colleagues spending the holidays aboard the JOIDES Resolution on Expedition 366. As part of UCSD's energy and cost-saving measures, the Science Support Office will be closed from December 24th through January 3rd. 

IODP Town Hall at the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting (photo by James Spencer, USSSP/LDEO)